Our Design / Remodel Process

At Dick Ferrell Contracting, we have a process that allows us to make your design and remodel experience go as smoothly as possible.

Initial Contact

We are happy to take your call and discuss your upcoming project with you!

Feasibility Consultation

We’ll come to you to look at your space, discuss your goals and dreams, and define the parameters of your project.


After signing a design agreement, our team will return to take detailed measurements and pictures of your space. With our design team’s help, you begin making product selections. You see your space in 3D! With our state-of-the-art design software, you get to “walk through” your space before we pick up our hammers; and we can easily tweak design choices on the computer before construction begins.


We will submit a formal proposal to include the scope of work and all product selections. We give you the bottom line price and guarantee to stick to it.


With a signed proposal in hand, we acquire all necessary documents, begin ordering products, scheduling trades, and start building your dream home.

Final Walkthrough

We clean your home or office and do a final walkthrough to ensure you love everything about your new space.

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Bathroom remodel | Dick Ferrell Contracting Inc.

Why Design/Remodel?

The traditional building and remodeling process, often referred to as “design-bid-build,” begins with plans and drawings from an architect or designer. Hopefully, during the process, they discuss your budget goals and design with that in mind. The plans then go to a contractor, or several, to bid on the job. In this model, detailed budgeting begins after the design is complete, and the unfortunate reality is that often than not, the design requires changes due to budget limitations. It’s then back to the drawing board to begin cutting from the design to meet realistic budget constraints. This process is frustrating as it prolongs your project and leaves you, the owner, caught in the middle making tough choices between your dream home and your finances and often stuck between architect and builder.

At DFC, it’s our job to balance the dreams of what your home can be and the feasibility of making it come true. Our in-house design/remodel team merges the design and bid phases giving you realistic costs upfront, preventing costly redesign and significant delays to your remodel. Because we are both designers and builders, we think of how your home will be remodeled as we design and build with your design in mind. Finally, being both designer and builder means we’re accountable throughout the process. Working with us means a single point of contact for a smoother job from start to finish.


Ready to Get Your Project Started?

If you’re ready to start your design/remodel project, our team of professionals is here to assist and provide an experience that comes second to none. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to speaking with you soon.